Spirituality/paranormal phenomena related advertising space
Ceated as a means to pay for site server hosting



$2.50 CPM

4 slots available, similar to GoogleAdwords, except we are not using Google because only quality sites that are first approved will be allowed to use the advertising space ...
More space and better design integration than Google is provided too.

1x Advertisment on 3 areas: Astralbb.com, Psitraining.org, Forums.Psitraining.org for 3 months : $5 thru PayPal.
This is the only payment and your add will be seen on all pages of the entire site all the time (no rotation).
You will be paying for 2000 impressions of your link (~223 impressions per above placement above per month) However in reality we tend to get a higher amount of impressions so in reality you are paying even less than $2.50 CPM. Statistical averages are displayed below (Server Stat Logs on request)

Note: Impressions are not 'hits', but actual unique people visiting the site (if the same person visits the site 50 times in one day, it is counted as only '1' impression).

Average Single Unique IP visits per month Over last 6 months:
[Remember you are paying for ~223 for each 'site', but you will receive whatever the impressions are over the 3 months you pay for, but 2000 total are guaranteed]

AstralBB.com: 559
Psitraining.org: 276
Forums.PsiTraining.org (last 4months monthly average only): 265
[Total: 3299, 1299 above guaranteed]