Offer valid while quantities last


Quantities are limited so don't wait to get one of our Last Minute Servers available. iWeb offers #1 Customer Service. Servers listed in this offer are provided on our High Quality Network (BGP Network). All servers come with a Level 1 Administration Plan.

CPU                         RAM        HD                 Traffic       Price       Setup

Dual Xeon 2.4GHz        1GB      320GB IDE     1500GB    159$        0$*

P4 3,2GHz HT            1,5GB      320GB IDE     1500GB    129$        0$*
P4 3,0GHz HT               1GB      320GB IDE     1500GB    119$        0$*
P4 2,8GHz HT               1GB      320GB IDE     1500GB    109$        0$*

P4 2,4GHz                    1GB      320GB IDE     1500GB      89$        0$*
Celeron 2,8GHz        512MB     320GB IDE       500GB      64$        0$*
Celeron 2,4GHz        512MB     320GB IDE       500GB      59$        0$*
Celeron 2,6GHz        512MB     320GB IDE       500GB      59$        0$*
Celeron 2,4GHz        256MB       80GB IDE       500GB      54$        0$*
*Prepayment of 3 months is needed to purchase last minute offers.
*Availability is not guaranteed.

Choose your OS:
.: Fedora Core 4
.: Windows 2003 Web Server Edition - Add $15/month
.: Windows 2003 Standard Edition - Add $25/month
.: CentOS
.: Debian
.: FreeBSD

Control Panel Options:
.: cPanel - Add $20/month or $25/month including Fantastico with xController
.: Plesk - From $15/month or $27/month including Power Pack and Language Pack
.: Helm - Add $20/month
.: Ensim X - From $10/month

Hardware Options:
.: Additionnal 320GB HD = $20/month
.: Additionnal 1GB RAM = $20/month

Please contact one of our account managers at contact (at) if you are interested to order these special deals.

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