Brief About us:

U&D Square Solutions Pvt. Ltd. subsidiary of $200 million UNIVERSAL Group is looking for Partnership/ Joint Venture. Established in 2001 The Company is engaged in Technical Support (for web hosting companies/ ISPís and Data Centers), Consulting (Technologies/ERP/CRM), IT Infrastructure Management and Outsourcing (back office and research). In 2005 U&D Square became Pvt. Ltd. Company partnering with UNIVERSAL.

We have been serving primarily as a technical & customer support providers since 2001 evolving into technical support and consulting company in a span of 5 years. In last 5 years we have added multiple services in our offerings. As apart of strategy company is planning to separate its remote technical support wing to maximize the growth potential.

Company currently possesses around 3500 sq. ft. state of art delivery center with total capacity of 120 people. Planned infrastructure includes 20,000 sq. feet delivery center / NOC with sitting capacity of 2000 people. Currently we are generating around $xx,xxx per month from technical support services and all geared up for 10 folds growth by the end of 2007.

What we are looking for

We are looking for well-established companies from USA and Europe to have partnership or Joint venture. We would love to talk to visionaries who can complement our track record, infrastructure, resources and experience. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with serious and experienced people who understand the market and can fuel the growth of the company. The nature of engagement can be partnership /Joint venture. We are not looking for start-ups and home based business individuals/companies.

What we bring on table

All our infrastructure, people, goodwill, experience and recourses will be shared; we are open to start a new legal entity along with JV partner in India with clear understanding of profit sharing against contribution. More details can be given after an NDA.

Ideal Partner

We are looking for synergy between two businesses. An established web hosting company or technical support company would be an ideal match thus will be given preference over others. After the partnership/joint venture apart from a building new profit center hosting company can expect to reduce its technical support cost by minimum 50%** if they have in-house support staff. In case of companies who are operating on technical support vertical can expect increase in profit margins and reduced operation cost by 15-20% **.

**Detailed analysis of converting cost center to profit center will be given after collecting the information on case to case basis.

Interested parties are required to initiate the communication with following details.

1) Name of the Company & your name:
2) Address
3) City
4) Country
5) Phone (Office)
6) Phone (Direct)
7) URL
8) Experience in years
9) Description of business model, Infrastructure & resources (your current business model & resources)
10) Company profile & summery of education/experience of the owners
11) Other contact details including email /skype /chat IDís

We would like interested parties to send above details to [email protected] for an NDA. Once NDA is signed we will get back to you along with requested details.

Please note that the information above is must to proceed further, we are looking for serious people and any response falling short of required information will not be considered.

Best Regards
Engagement Manager