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    SSL Newbie: How do I do SSL for webmail/cpanel/whm, host-name and POP/IMAP/SMTP?

    Didn't know where to put this. Note: I am brand new to SSL and this is my first SSL experience (and SSL cert purchase).

    I just registered a domain I want to use as the common SSL and host-name for my VPS. The VPS is for friends/family basically (since i am not in the hosting biz). I will call the domain for simplicity.

    What I want to do is have

    I know I can get a cert for that but here's the head spinner (at least for me as I have never done SSL before). I also want to use the SSL cert for SSL POP/IMAP/SMTP since I require SSL connections for everything except http. I also want "error message free" access for all these services (hence not using self-sign cert as almost everyone connecting for e-mail etc is computer illiterate).

    So what have you guys done to deal with this? Since I am hosted with LiquidWeb, I am going to get the InstantSSL through them for $50.

    Do you get one for webmail/cpanel/whm access and another for mail access? I am so lost I don't know what to do. I also want a quality SSL with no error messages (just can't pay for the Verisign name etc so that's why I have chosen the Comodo cert).

    Please advice thanks.

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    If you are on a dedicated server you can install the SSL for your site and then click on the change WHM SSL certificate.

    If you are a reseller or a shared hosting customer I do not know if what you can do is possible.

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