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    about clientexec - domain registration problem. please help!

    I am using clientexec 2.7.2 and have an account in directi with balance. I was trying to do a real test to see if the domain name can be automatically purchased through my account when placing an order in CE.

    I've set the corresponding parentID, username and password in CE. When I went through the ordering process there were no errors but the domain name was not purchased. when I viewed the directi account it seems nothing happened, and I didn't get any error message emails. shouldn't CE do the registration for me? I am sure CE is hooking up with directi in some way because it checked the domain availability by using directi at the beginning of process.

    thanks in advance.

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    Not to ask the obvious, but you're not using the testing server are you?

    Edit: If you're not, what happens if you try placing an order with it enabled?
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    no. when I used the testing server, it caused an error for checking availability and no choice for me to register domain name. so what I described above is a try on a real server.

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    Not sure whats happening there but you may have better luck getting a good answer at, its the unofficial ClientExec support forum.
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