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    Help me please...

    Im not sure what to say or do... i need help...

    i feel like im powerless, i feel like im being victimized for something i haven't done, i believe they have had a server crash and are trying to remove their responsibility for it... my site was a commercial one, dynamically generated, backups online actually on the server... but now it's gone/suspended... and im getting excuses, here's the story...

    On Thursday i see my site is off line, server payment late?...not by much i can tell you... nothing un-toward, never had a problem... i email my host, they tell me they sold the US portion of their service to another company hosted in the US in August ( i didn't recieve a single email about this for both of my sites... one site is active and working and hosted on the old server)

    right...there changing things as i type i better be quick...
    (my missing site (domain/account/etc) is being re-established on this new host, minus the databases and data of course...i can see dns entries changing etc)

    right... so they tell me it's been sold, "better pay your bill with the new host" i was told... the new host tells me they haven't received my account from the old host...

    where talking about SOLIDHOST and DEHE (or jaguarPC) here... right... i email Greg at SH again to supply all my relevant information to help him track down my site as obviously SH has 'nothing to do with it' anymore... after a full weekend (monday included) today tuesday im told it's still missing, Greg at DEHE has had his 'tech guys' looking all over for it... but alas cannot find it... my account has been dead all this time btw... cannot login to FTP etc... but only now it's starting to crank up ... different password etc etc etc... anyways

    Im told by Andre at SH, it's nothing to do with him's Greg at DEHE, a few weeks back i asked Andre online via MSN...where his billing system has gone as i need to pay... he ignores me...

    Greg tells me "i wish there was more i can do"... i email support at SH and Andre replies that "he has a server crash recently"... it's a great game of pass the buck... but im without a site and everyones pointing me in opposite directions, pointing the finger at each other saying it's nothing to do with them, ...oh and btw... here's your lovely new host/site/account (MINUS FIVE YEARS OF DATA AND WORK)... only now are they doing this, only now have a got a new DEHE account with working passwords and the offer of "Ill apply that yearly rate back to the site and change the due date to January to give you some time to settle in to it "... how nice...

    so i had a site on Thursday, it 'poofs' out of existence and now im getting a rushed account setup on DEHE it's 3:05 am in the UK now and im tried of emailing these guys) and im suppose to sit down and take it all calmly...

    I did recently open a support ticket with SH telling them my FTP login details using an IP... which i traced back to SH... once posted... a few minutes later... it traces somewhere else...

    I really don't know what to do or to think anymore... i feel im getting big run around and im at a loss for 5 years of work...

    I'll post in some info for your perusal...
    Interesting posts :

    and now here in chronological order are some email replies...
    From Andre - SH
    "We sold our US-hosted business back in August, of which you were notified several times by email (I don't believe this is the email address we had on file though..). The company which is in charge of your account is (which is our former subsidiary).

    Currently we have no control over your account anymore, you will have to contact [email protected]. If you didn't pay your invoices it's more than likely they suspended your account by now."

    From Greg - DEHE
    "Hi, I did not find your email on file with us so its likely we do not have your client account in our system and it may be with solidhost still. Please let me know what your vps, server, site name was and/or forward me your most recent invoice. We sent out several mailings and forum posts about the dehe split from solidhost but if you did not receive that notice its most likely becuase your email/client account isnt in our system. That would also be why your site/services are stopped right now for non payment. Please get me some more information so I can help you with this as quickly as possible. thank you for your patience and business"

    From Andre -SH

    "Nobody will purposely remove data, it wouldn't make sense to do so and I'm sure you know that. If your site is down, they probably either suspended it, or a technical problem of some sort occured. Especially since your other site is still up, it's more than likely that there's just a technical problem, so just work with them to get it resolved. There is nothing we (SolidHost) can do there, but DEHE can."

    From Greg - DEHE
    "What kind of account is this, shared, reseller, vps, dedicated server? What is your full name? I can not find an account record for you in our system. i have no problem recreating a new client account for you, we just need to figure out whats up here. Hopefully the site wasnt completely removed and has backups. But until now we do not have a client account for you in dehe based on your email, name, etc"

    From Greg - DEHE
    "I did get all your emails and spent the day searching high and low, had my techs looking as well but we just dont have this account or any of its data. I recreated your client account in our system and will have someone send you the site logins in a moment. Please let me know if theres more i could do for you, I wish there were something more I could do"

    Can you see my frustration...?
    Some server software may have suspended my account...but to have two savvy host administrators push me from one corner to the next is dead un-settling to say the least... i can also see that Greg is trying his best... i don't know what i can do...what information i can supply them to help them find my site.... can't they just look at a list of 'suspended' sites and find mine...? im sure i've given them all the information i can... my 'new' account at DEHE is obviously minus all databases and data...but i can see it's been created by info 'recently' sent out by Andre at SH... this is recent and makes me think someone behind the scenes is desperately trying to do something... not to help me... but to cover themselves perhaps... perhaps im paranoid... but i need advice and help as what to do next... please i don't want this again, needless to say im beside myself... i thought these hosts were cool and good...

    what happens if a server of theirs gets struck by lighting or something and peoples sites go down the drain.... is that it? no other recourse?

    Any advice would be so helpful... ive had the silent treatment for a few days now from both hosts and im left in the middle... please help me


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    I would check with the new host as they bought the servers back in August. They must have a back up (image of the server) since then. this is at least a start. if they do not have a back up then it will be very hard to pursue further. by all means, If you get your data or not, I would strongly advise you to leave
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    Think I found a backup for you and working to help you get this sorted via email.
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    Yes thanx Greg, you have found most of it...still minus 5 gigs worth of data at the present time

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    I switched over to Jag when all this happened, and have been very happy with the service. As for Andre / DEHE / Solidhost, it is 2 months later and i'm still chasing a refund for them debiting my card a month AFTER I LEFT dehe. Basically all of DEHE's billing was done by solidhost, so when dehe was sold they were still able to bill customers that were no longer theirs. Still waiting on a refund after emails and promises i get nothing from Andre or Solidhost.

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    Another lesson in always having copies of all your backups and files on your own computer(s) and not just on the host. Hopefully it will all turn out alright in the end this time.

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    Agreed, we see this far to often, a person complaining they have lost 5 years of work due to a hosts backups failing, you should ALWAYS backup your site yourself.

    Whilst the host does have a duty to keep your data safe from harm and to keep a backup just in case they have server problems.
    Did the host inform you of a move to another company before your site went down ?

    If not this is very bad business and I would consider moving.

    Good luck I hope you get this sorted

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    Quote Originally Posted by NTHosts
    Did the host inform you of a move to another company before your site went down ?

    If not this is very bad business and I would consider moving.

    Good luck I hope you get this sorted
    In short no, i was not informed... my site just went offline last Thursday...thats when i found out about the move/sale etc... Andre who was superb for 2 years before this told me to ask Greg at DEHE about my missing site... yes i know about backups... if i'd known about the potential problems im sure i would have done so... my site was dynamic, lots of users sharing photographs, i made database backups every day... and thanx to Greg's hard work at DEHE he's found most of my site... but still sadly lacking 5 gigs worth of vital data at this time... it's like i got my car back from the mechanics saying "sorry gov...lost it for a while there" only to find the engine is missing... needless to say the word 'backup' will be for ever printed in my psych!

    Im sure Greg is trying his best to retrieve my missing data, a new account similar to the one which disappeared was setup and now im just waiting for the data to be inserted... if found

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joel Theodore
    I switched over to Jag when all this happened, and have been very happy with the service.
    I clicked your site link to find the exact same problem i had "server cannot be found"... hopefully you made a backup or you could find yourself in the same boat as me ...hopefuly not!

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