Hello my name is Tyler Hoffman. I have 4 years of PHP/MySQL programming experience. I can program anything from a custom CMS to any small script and/or modifications to any script. If you ask me, most likely I can complete the job.
Also, I can slice/code any PSD into HTML/CSS.

I do not have an online portfolio, but if you ask I will certainly show you some past work of mine. I value time and if you need anything done I will do it in a timely manner, however I believe quality takes a big factor. Even though I can do things fast, I never skip out on the quality of the code.

If you need anything programmed using PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS, or little Javascript, please consider me for the job.

Another skill of mine is design. I can design if needed, but I am mainly a programmer. A small example of what I can do can be found here:



Contacting Me...
Email: xxtyderxx [@] cox [dot] net
MSN: xxtyderxx [@] cox [dot] net
AIM: bandaid

I know the following...
- Javascript