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    [For sale] Tutorial site - ALL unique tutorials :)

    I am selling

    What it is:
    This site is a photoshop tutorial site with 100% unique tutorials. All the tutorials I paid a guy $10.00 / per tutorial to write (except one I paid 30.00 for).

    Over $100+ invested into just the tutorials, over $50 in the design. $0 advertising cost!

    The skin is 100% unique and tableless (great for search engines). The site is powered by wordpress blogging system and is very easy to maintain and add more tutorials.

    When this site first started, it had a large amount of traffic. Now I have been too busy (with work and other larger sites) to maintain it and purchase more tutorials.

    Here is all the traffic details I have: Here

    If you would like to see the specifics of a perticular month, please let me know.

    Whenever I added a tutorial to the site, I would submit it to When the tutorial was added to good-tutorial, I would get a few dollars a day for a while. Here is the complete revenue stats from the year:

    Here is the current stats. (Saved the report as a CVS report and saved as html file)

    Reason for selling
    Not enough time for this site. It needs to be updated very badly with new tutorials.

    I would like to use the money I get for other investments I have

    Payment method:
    Paypal or mailed check. (Checks will have to be cleared before sending you any login information)

    Starting Price:
    Considering all that is included with this site, I could not sell it for less than $100.00

    Starting bid: $100.00
    BIN: $500.00

    Bidding ends in 4 days or whenever I feel like I have recieved a good bid.

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    Forgot to mention:

    This site has YPN on it currently and has made about 20 dollars total (since it's been on the site - about a month)

    Additionally we have sold two text links and total income for the text link = $13.88 a month.

    (Paid via
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