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    Looking for a web host for a large company

    I work for a well known Internet company, and while we have our datacenter, we're looking to externally host a couple of dedicated machines externally outside of our normal environment. While service and network quality are important, our Legal group also requires a pretty locked-down paper-based contract to protect the data and liabilities. Knowing that most well-reviewed hosts are designed for resellers to get started via a credit card and no real signatures, we need a hosting provider that is willing to deal with a customer that has more needs, and may require some legal time to get going.

    I've received the recommendations to look at companies like Rackspace and EV1/The Planet, which are both regarded as premium providers, with premium services that major companies might expect. However, I haven't seen terrific reviews. Smaller companies all seem great for personal or small business use, but they don't have prepared legal documents that would pass muster.

    Any advice would be welcome on this unusual request for help.

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    Your best shot is Savvis, they have DC's around the world, and you cant get any better then that. Almost all companies have some kind of bad review. Rather its that ticked off 16 year old because they charged them for overused bw, or that they just plain out were rude to the customer or etc.

    So honestly, dont exspect to find a company w/o bad reviews. Savvis is going to have some bad reviews, but they are also good.

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    For your situation, I'd probably recommend rackspace.

    They're a bit more expensive but if your needing a little bit more than the average host, they might be more up your ally. However, Theplanet is good as well, I just think that Rackspace would probably work with you a bit more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaz
    our Legal group also requires a pretty locked-down paper-based contract to protect the data and liabilities.
    No Data Center is going to give you a special contract at your typical WHT price of under 200.00 month a server. I would guess that your “well known Internet Company”, does not make special contracts for a few dedicated servers.

    Get a cabinet at the EQ facility and secure it as you wish.

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    consider going with a local company, allowing face-to-face meetings.

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