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    Question Free Marketing Tool [Domain Names Whois help]

    Hello guys,

    I am developing a FREE PHP Domains Marketing Tool,
    which when done I will post you here all the code for use
    of all the community.

    I am stuck at some points of my code, and would like
    your valuable help on it...

    A part of the tool I want to do is to be able have a
    textarea to insert a list of words, and the script will
    search ALL the possible world-wide TLDs and report
    which domains are available for register and which
    are not available.

    Do you have any ideas please where I can find a
    COMPLETE LIST of ALL the TLDs world-wide,
    and a method with which I can check for EACH TLD
    if the specific domain is available (some method/way
    that allows check everything without need to switch
    whois servers for each TLD etc, or other ideas...)

    Waiting for your help!

    Thanx a lot on advance !

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    Check against the different WHOIS databases for each TLD that you are interested in.
    There are over 76 million domain names just in the registries. I don't believe there is a database other than the different WHOIS databases

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