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    Storing Credit Cards using ModernBill

    Hey guys,

    Currently I take 2co and PayPal as a form of payment, but I'm thinking once I start using ModernBill 5 in a production env, that I may switch over to a merchant account and get rid of 2co.

    I was wondering, for those of you that use ModernBill, do you take advantage of their encryption and store credit cards locally?

    If you do, what other measures of security do you take?

    I'm interested, because I'm interested in doing this myself.

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    When I ran MBLicenses, we stored the credit card details on the server. Make sure you follow appropiate server hardening practices, in addition to using an SSL certificate. Local card storage is a little more secure, but keep in mind if you're processing a couple hundred cards per day, it could become time consuming. Just something to think about .
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