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Thread: Softlayer SLA

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    Angry Softlayer SLA

    If you host with Softlayer you know that they had a recent outage, then a second one today. On the first outage I didnt report the problem within 7 days, so in effect "it didnt happen", their SLA says that if you don't report within 7 days, they wont credit you, evne though the SLA is based on a month of service.

    Ok, fine, Its my fault I didnt read the SLA, I know that now matter how pathetic it is, its my fault.

    However, today, it happened again (outage), this time about 35-40 minutes (my count based on my monitoring system). I placed a ticket, and the answer was pretty much that since it wasnt 47 minutes (past their 99.8 guarantee), the sla credit could not be given.

    So, In other words, the only way they would give you a credit is if they had a total downtime of 47+ minutes in 1 outage. Furthermore, the ticket claimed that they never lost connectivity, perhaps on their internal network, but the public network was down, even their site was down!.

    Anyway, I love SL servers, support is good, but the SLA plain sucks.

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    My servers didnt experience any downtime today that was caught by the monitoring software. Are you sure they were down?

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    Yes, there's a thread on the outage forum, many people couldn't access their servers, and even their own site. (

    I believe it was a combination of bad config (somone said there was a planned 5 min outage), then a DOS attack, but i'm not sure. Ether way, whole network was down, or at least it seemed that way.

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    Some locations had downtime, and others didn't... Most of the time it was just high latency, it really depends on where you live, and what route your ISP/monitoring service is taking. I happened to notice that it was just abovenet #1 causing issues.

    Even with high latency the monitoring service may not report your server being down.

    There was nothing scheduled.

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    I have commented on the details of their SLA in the "other" thread. I guess it's up to each person to decide what it means for them. Personally, I think it's misleading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ntfu2
    My servers didnt experience any downtime today that was caught by the monitoring software. Are you sure they were down?
    The SL DNS servers were screwed up either from a DDOS attack or some internal problem of their own doing. Needless to say as the monitoring service uses the IP addy, no down time would be noticed. HOWEVER, users where still unable to access websites from various locations.

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    I guess the honeymoon period of SL is getting over, and now I am starting to worry!

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    What angers me the most is that they can't simply say, we screwed up, here is some credit.

    A year or so ago I had some servers at Server Beach, they had a major power outage, and well, their generators didnít kick in. A day later, they got back up, and started pointing fingers at other companies for the problem. Even though they knew they where down, the only way to get credit was to show trace routes over time to show you couldnít access your servers.

    That's when I left...and now SL is pulling the same crap. I'm not sure whatís more profitable for them, to credit their customer base and keep them happy, or, to ignore what happened and make it sound like they where never down.

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    I just reported SLA request for my server which was inaccessible for more than 2+ hrs. Even their TT agreed the problem and said they are working on it.

    After that there was lat issue and packet loss which is not fixed. I don't think so they have any sort of DDOS/DOS protection or may be it is not configured properly

    Just one more question how good is EV1 ???? I never hosted with them but few of my friends are with them since last 2-3 years. They are little costly but they don't have problem like this.. I guess
    PS: I am still having 2-5% packet loss
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    I have a couple of machines @ ev1 as well.

    The price for the hardware used to be a lot cheaper than it is now, (I got 2 +/-$130 servers). The network has been good, the only thing I donít like about them is that I believe they outsource the support to another country (this could be 100% wrong), tickets to support can get very once I was told that IIS was down on my redhat server, tons of grammatical errors on responses, etc. Can't complain too much, because at the end of the day the problems are resolved, and the network has gotten stable.

    I would get more machines at ev1 but the pricing is now a bit high...(compared to say SL)

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