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    WireNine for Ruby on Rails?

    I have seen a few good comments about WireNine. I like their pricing and features. I am looking for a Ruby on Rails host, and I know from experience that when it comes to Rails, some hosts just don't know what they're doing with it or don't provide the right tools to make it useful for the customer. GoDaddy comes to mind. Last I heard, they didn't provide access to any Rails logs. And I remember Dreamhost not quite knowing what they should be up to, either. Had I not read that here, I might have had them as a host and found out the hard way.

    Anyway, does anyone have experience with WireNine's Ruby on Rails support?

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    Guess my question was a little too obscure

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    If i were you I would contact WireNine and inquire about thier rails configuration, wheather it is fastcgi, mongrel etc... then ask about custom gems, and such, try to get a feel for their setup and the biggest thing to ask them is how to deploy your application on thier server. Rails apps can be a pain to install via fastcgi, and that is where a lot of hosts have tripped up.
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    You can also check out They have Rails as well and from what I heard they know what they are doing.

    WireNine has gotten good reviews here as well, so, as JM said, contact them with a few technical questions and see how they reply. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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