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    What will webhosting be like in 10yrs?

    Currently you have big hosts running countless servers charging lots of cash for hosting packages. Is technological advancement destined to destroy webhosting as a viable business? Is this closer than most think? Single chips are on the drawing board now that have the processing power of some entire webhosting datacenters. How will webhosts cope when a quantum processing server coupled with new storage technologies and networking technologies is released that makes 10,000 of their machines obsolete? Will some shops have just one of these $10,000 quantum servers running 1,000,000 websites on each one with perfect performance? What do you guys see long term and short term do you see google as a threat, possibly creating massive supernodes then giving away incredible hosting packages for free in exchange for running a few google ads on your site..

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    I see incompetence as the number one threat to hosting. Too many people think their box is secure but it's been compromised 10 times over.
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    IMO i see a sort of "myspace" hosting company coming in the near future. Basically this company will be the "myspace" of hosting.... just my thoughts though... kinda like back in the "geocities" days, i remember when in school when you had a geocities website up you were cool lol...

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    There's only pretty much two ways of making a server secure, but we aren't getting into that.

    I think hosting won't change much, just more stupid customers will pop up as it becomes more main-stream.

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