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    I would like to give a review on Last week I subscribed for the server administration package. I immediatelly submitted a ticket to secure my server, they finished it successfully in around 1-2 hours after submitting the ticket. They also emailed me how to update all the programs they installed (like ClamAV etc). I also had not much RAM left and advised to reboot the system and they did. However, it never came back online again. After I contacted the data center to make them aware of the problem they manually rebooted the system, however there were still some problems on the server (fsck fail). After the system was manually rebooted I again submitted a ticket to solve this problem. In around 1 hour after I submitted the ticket they also solved this problem and the server rebooted successfully.
    My opinion about therefore is that they are absolute professionals in managing and securing your server and I would suggest them to all who need a server management company. Great value for your money!

    Before I forget: Their support is really friendly and they always want to help you out if there is a problem. As they state on their website 'Most importantly, friendly staff!'. It's true!
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    Thank you for the kind words! It is a pleasure supporting you.
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