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    I have a website which is running vb 3.6.2. I Have modified my members profile pages extensivly, and would like to give them their own pages.

    I enabled wildcard domains on my server so that *.montrealracing will resolve to then, given the fact that you can access a members profile page with their username in the url bar, ( I utilised .htaccess to rewrite it into a subdomain. as a result, redirects to

    I have 2 questions.

    1)There was a noticable impact on my servers speed immidiately after uploading the .htaccess, is there any other method i can use to have the same end result, yet retain the former speed of my site? can I use something directly in apache instead of relying on a file?

    2)Since its a (i belive) 302 redirection, the name changes after execution to, but I would like it to remain httP;// which I BELIVE is a 301 permanent redirection? Can anone help me with that?

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    1) quote from apache site (why, oh why didn't you look there first?! ):
    "There are two main reasons to avoid the use of .htaccess files.

    The first of these is performance. When AllowOverride is set to allow the use of .htaccess files, Apache will look in every directory for .htaccess files. Thus, permitting .htaccess files causes a performance hit, whether or not you actually even use them! Also, the .htaccess file is loaded every time a document is requested


    The second consideration is one of security. You are permitting users to modify server configuration, which may result in changes over which you have no control. Carefully consider whether you want to give your users this privilege. Note also that giving users less privileges than they need will lead to additional technical support requests. Make sure you clearly tell your users what level of privileges you have given them. Specifying exactly what you have set AllowOverride to, and pointing them to the relevant documentation, will save yourself a lot of confusion later."

    So, place same directives under the httpd.conf / apache.conf or within virtualhost, whichever you are using;
    Also, link -->

    2) dunno from the top of my head, but google for Apache + permanent redirect.


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