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    Pop3 or smtp mailserver for small company


    I have a small company (10 emailadresses) and very little IT-knowledge. At this moment I use POP3 to read the email.

    My local IT company advised me to buy an SMTP mailserver with an own ip-adress instead of using POP3. Because I am not sure if this is the best solution, I have some questions:

    I could imagine that a hostingcompany has more knowledge of and tools for SPAM and virusdetection. At this moment I have (with pop3) very little spam and virus problems. My local IT company told me I have to invest in spam and virustools for the emailserver. Could I expect much more SPAM and virusproblems using my own mailserver instead of POP3.

    On internet I read some stories from people whose mailserver/ip came on a blacklist. Is there much more risk to get on a blacklist with an own mailserver ip instead of using POP3 from a well known large provider (for example by email spoofe )?

    Is it common that a hostingprovider has the possibility to send the mx records first to the hosting provider to do a spam and virus check and after that send the mail to the local smtp mailserver?

    Thanks a lot for any answer.


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    i would recommend sticking to pop3 if its working for you - if it aint broke dont fix it ) unless there is a pressing need to run your own smtp server...this will require some degree of on going support that a small business like yours doesnt need the expense of...In the past (way back like 6/7 years) to use mircosoft exchange you needed to run an SMTP server. but nowdays exchange is able to work with pop3 now so thats a non issue.....

    It all depends on your individual circumstances.

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