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    mysql expert

    does anyone know of a management company or expert DBA that can help with a good price with mysql issues, like installation, setting up permissions, stored procedures, etc on a per needed basis?


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    Check - I would recommend him for this kind of job.

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    thanks a lot for your help.

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    Graham at did the purchasing, recommendation, installation and transfer of our 30GB database to a dedicated mysql server. He's got quite alot of experience with working with mysql servers and is extremely helpful, friendly and goes out of his way alot. At simpli he is considered to be the mysql expert on the team which is where we gained his help. You could give him a try.

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    paul(at) is by far the best MySQL expert I've had experience with. He's dug us out of holes where our techs couldn't figure out problems.

    Expensive however, so if the stuff you're running isn't too complex and doesn't require that kind of expertise you might be better going elsewhere.


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