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    Lightbulb Recommendation for outsourced DNS service

    Due to Recent DNS server problem @ SL, I am thinking of getting separate DNS service. I have few clients and there main source is adsense. So downside is not an option. So I am looking to setup DNS somewhere else.

    I have two choices:
    a) Get 2 dirt cheap DNS server (or may be VPS) at separate provider like LT and someone else (these server can also act as an backup email server).
    b) Or use third party DNS service provider.

    Does anyone know good third party DNS service provider? Otherwise I had to spend another 200 bucks for DNS only for just 3 domains.

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    why not try
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    Try out - they're good, smart and have been around a while, and either free or very fairly priced (from memory). Also from memory they allowed a few things the others didn't.

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