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    Wanted Matrimonial Script - prebuilt or custom made

    While posting this project i have following websites in mind (in the order of importance):

    i would expect the programmer to incorporate all the features as seen on these sites including (but not limited to):
    - registeration
    - uploading pics
    - advanced search by region/nationality/religion etc
    - sending and recieving private messages in a limited way - to understand this, see this:
    - initiating contact
    - online payment (PayPal, etc)

    Budget: $250

    Most importantly if you can provide me with reselling rights, i can increase the budget by $50 (to $300)

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    How would you like to be contacted in regards to this?

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    lol. how about a PM here?

    umm jus realised that PM is not allowed for all..

    you may contact me at: [AT]
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