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    can anyone help me understand...I know I need alot of help


    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am looking for a new host, and it seems like I'm needing to go VPS. Requirements are 10gigs of storage, 150gigs of bandwidth. The site is a couple of html pages, 2 zen carts and 1 phpbb2 forum.

    In my quest for VPS, I'm having a hard time understanding what will be different from my current shared hosting.

    I've been reading for 2 days about VPS, but can't seem to find some basic answers and suggestions.

    I would of course go with a managed VPS.

    1. Currently, I have to do nothing to maintain the server on a shared host, but what new additional things may I have to do on a managed VPS. I would be using cpanel. Right now, I basically have to worry about the sites content, and add an occasional mod to the forum. Would there be new responsibilities....I know it will depend on "how managed" the server is but lets just speak in generalities. Generally speaking you will have to........

    2. I know that in most cases, I would have to setup my own DNS, using ip's of the VPS, but who is a good registrar. It's currently with Tucows, but as a consumer, I cannot use them. They will only deal with hosts. So who is a good source to use as a registrar?

    3. I know this board is constantly hit with posts..."which host is best" So I'll try to take a different route. Can anyone recommend a VPS which would fit my needs, which would require very little work(if any) on my part to maintain.

    I saw Viprus in the ads section, they look good about $35(cpanel, 256mb, 10gigs, with 150g bandwidth) a month for my needs. My only concern is that they have only been around a couple of months, should I be worried about that?

    I also saw Solar, which looks to be about the same, any + or - about them.

    Lastly, does anyone have any advice, words of widsom, general tips, or pointers into the right direction they'd care to share.

    Thanks in advance for even taking the time to think about my questions. I understand I don't make things simple.

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    Really, a VPS/VDS is a mini-dedicated server, so pretty much anything that would need to be done in a dedicated server environment needs to be done in a VPS environment.

    I'd take a look at LiquidWeb VPS', I've used them in the past and they weren't all that bad. I think you'd have to request them to do things though (they don't do it automatically). Though, I would contact their sales department to be sure on what they do/do not do on their VPS packages. Also, LiquidWeb has upgrade options to fully dedicated boxes once your ready to make that leap. You might also want to contact as well - they're officially semi-managed but often times go above/beyond the call of duty.
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    For a registrar, I usually use godaddy and there usually pretty good. Also, one thing I would watch out for is people overselling on Virtuozzo-based VPSes, since they have the capability to oversell (I'm not saying they do, but, some do). I personally like Xen, but, I might be slightly biased on that. Other then that, you shouldn't have a problem finding a host in the offers section. What's your budget and how many hits does your site get? Also, for control panel, I usually like DirectAdmin when it comes to memory consumption and resource utilization. cPanel is a hog of RAM, and, if you don't have anything that *specifically* needs cPanel, try to avoid it. Hopes this helps you!
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