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    How to tell if there is a hardware failure on a server?

    I have a server unused for 1 year now, HP DL380 G3, RAID 5, 4X72GB HDD. I have loaded cpanel + centos on it. I have given it an IP and have left it on the DC without using it. Now it must be probably hacked.
    The problem:
    The DC guys have moved it many times, turned it on and off. So I want to know if they have caused it a hardware failure.
    Do you know of any linux commands that I should run at the command prompt to find out?
    Should I take a Centos disk when I go to the DC to reboot from there?

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    It should be ok though you might want to check the RAID and maybe run memtest on it. Check dmesg to see if it reports anything strange before rebooting it but a full OS load then a bit of stress testing shoudl see if there are any week parts
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