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Thread: Vectoral info

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    Lightbulb Vectoral info

    Has anyone ever had a server with them? I dont see many threads about them here and trying to find info. I was reading on several other places and I saw them pop up as very good but they were low digit post counts so. I am new to all this just trying to get some recommendations.

    I have a server now with a different company but I am planning on using my current on a project in the near future.

    If you have experience with them please advise.

    Thanks for any and all opinions

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    Do not ever ever in your live buy servers from vectoral
    I was tempted by their offer and bought 2
    As hollidays they sent me only one invoice that goes to spam folder
    today they erased my both server ..yeah erased with all my infos without doing even backups.

    I called them and the answer was" sorry your server was shut down and erased 3 hours ago because you didnt paid"

    how should i pay if didnt got invoices ?!?! In 2 weeks only one invoice and i was their customer for 5 months.. I remember when they start they put me on hold for a server 3 weeks ..yeah 3 weeks

    The support guy is a 18-19 years guy from Turkey. Company runned by kids!!
    dont get fooled

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