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    Affiliate Scripts


    I am aware of a few affiliate scripts on the market, but all require a confirmation page to aid in confirming the order. This would work fine for the PayPal side of things as they allow you to choose where a successful buyer is sent.

    The problem we are encountering is that our cc processor handles the SSL portion and all for us (and does great by the way, Host Charge)., but doesn't send the successful client to a chosen confirmation page.

    I was given a great idea... someone said to have a hidden field in the form we send through to our processor that would include the affiliate ID or the referrer from which the client came. The info would be sent along with login info and such that we send to the processor when the form is submitted.

    Does anyone have a script that does something like this? Maybe someone has something else that would solve our problem? I just want something reliable. I don't want anyone to miss out on their hard earned commission.

    Thanks in advance

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