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    Unhappy Compare of different control panels

    Hi everyone out there,

    I am new to web hosting so like to post my question here to see whether will there be someone who is able to help me with it.

    I am going to buy a control panel for my company, after doing some research I have found a few control panels; they are DirectAdmin, Plesk, cPanel, Ensim, Helm and H-sphere but I am not sure which one I shall buy. I am hoping that someone here can help me do a comparison of their features (hope to be as detail as possible) so that I can decide which control panel to buy. Thank in advance.


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    You've fogotten one more. I've used it for 1 year. Its dedikit. As for me it's the most flexible panel. Why don't you examine it?

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    please choose WHM and cPanel as your control panel. I'm not sure if you have used it but it really is user friendly especially how everything is laid out. take a look at for more features and usability. I find other control panels from experience such as Plesk and direct admin, h-sphere and even customly created panels to be "limited"

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    h-sphere limited? ummm - you might want to rethink that statement.

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    Directadmin is the best and fastest control panel

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    There are lots of threads on WHT comparing cpanels, just do advanced search.

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    Depending on your need, and what for a OS platform you have i recomend you to use Plesk, for Windows, or Cpanel/WHM for Linux. The problem with many control panels is that they may cause high load on the server if they are not configured properly.

    The chose is yours!

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