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    [sell] sleek entertainment layout for sale

    I originally had it made for an entertainment site, but never used it. It was done by Gokul Kumarasamy, who is one of the best designers I have ever worked with (he also did the original layout, which may also be for sale soon) and it's a shame I am not putting it to use.

    Anyway I have the layout in PSD format, might have it coded as well but for now just assume it's a PSD.

    Gonna put the starting price at 50 dollars, but I might be interested in trading for hosting deals. BIN is 150. Sales ends 15 days from the time of original post (3:36 AM eastern)

    I will probably be adding 2-3 other layouts soon, one made by Andrew, and another from Gokul (the original layout)

    Feel free to contact me with any questions,
    also at vgamin

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    So there is no coding just a PSD? If you code it I might be intrested.

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    I will check my desktop to see if I still have a coded version and get back to you soon.

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    As of right now I do not have a coded version, so it is just the PSD. Feel free to contact <someone> and see what the pricing would be as I will not be selling a coded version.
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    down to 40 dollars starting price, BIN for 40 until 8pm tonight (4 hours 14 minutes)

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