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    Talking Newbie Question - First Website - Need Help with choice of WebHosting.

    Hi, i need some help choosing a webhost.

    My profile:

    - Know the basics (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, HTML)

    - Planning to learn PHP, MySql and scripting. (im used to programming)

    - Dont know how to market a website yet (publish, check rankings, etc)

    - This would be my first site.

    My website:

    - Content based website, would need to have a forum (users) and chat.

    My hosting options so far:

    I was between Aplus and Bluehost for very different reasons.

    From a technical standpoint, and judging from what ive been reading in the forums they dont seem very good (despite giving very good storage/bandwidth)

    From a business/marketing standpoint they seem to be very good. I get the feeling that they offer a lot of services focused on getting your site "out there" and getting you more hits. (Which is great while i get the hang of it to get the site running).

    I also get the feeling that aplus is very "for Dummies" which is great while i learn all the scripting and database management i need so i can move to another host later on.


    I found this plan and it seemed to give great value for what they charge.

    From a technical standpoint i think this would be my choice.

    From a business/marketing standpoint i think they are not so great cause, as far as i could tell, they focus on getting you "features" instead of getting you service or results.

    I also get the feeling that this host is very "do it yourself" .

    I am leaning towards getting aplus for a few months until i get the site off the ground (with the help of all their marketing tools and services) and then migrating to bluehost. However ive read some horror stories about aplus trying to keep domains when asked to transfer them, or not letting you transfer mysql databases. Also, as far as i could tell everything is extra for aplus.

    I would really appreciate any suggestions. Plz denewbiefy me

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    I also get the feeling that this host is very "do it yourself"
    I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news however with any hosting provider your website design/content management and the like is up to you, this does include promotion of your site. Getting your site indexed with the search engines just involves SEO and some backlinks and pagerank growth will happen over time (as indexed with more places).

    In any case I'd suggest having a look through the WHT offers forum area pertaining to shared/reseller hosting. The base requirements you have are usually available with nearly any host. I'd also suggest narrowing things down further as far as if you're looking for linux/unix based hosting or windows hosting, as well as budget per month/yr.

    Best of luck in your hosting search, one major bit of advice to remember (well two that go hand in hand), "you get what you pay for" wholely applies in most cases, and also in many cases "if it looks to good to be true it probably is".
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    Welcome to WHT!
    You can use the search feature here and find some reviews about both (i.e. "Aplus reviews" or "Bluehost Reviews"). My personal thoughts - stay away from aplus - saw a lot of negative reviews about them recently.

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    rabs, you know it's rather difficult to judge about this or that host I mean how good or bad they are basing only on the reviews. For some persons this host is good and for the others it's not. Try yourself and see how everything will go. Your own experience is the best adviser.

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    I think Bluehost is a better one.
    You can use phpBB or eBulletin make you forum.
    Good luck.

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    Selecting the hosting company of your choice is difficult job. At the end of the day you should feel that you are getting the service for what you are paying.

    You can go to, which offers a good deal with better support.

    Thank you.


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    If yuor starting out then go for a good hosting company, however I found after bit the speed of uploading etc etc was too slow...

    So I suggest local website desing. You can get a cobalt server for about 100 from ebay... Yes I know theres a little more work however you can make site localy and then upload them... alos when you do the localy the site runs super fast and the same is for uploading.

    I used this method when learning about websites and servers.

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