Hello All,

This is Craig Sparks. I have several years of web design and development experience. I have mainly done odd and end jobs, but have also did serveral full time designs.

Here is the deal. I work 65 hours a week at my full time job, plus goto online school. I end up with a few hours to kill here and there. I need to make some extra cash, so I am starting up a company called O.N.E. Web Jobs. Right now, I don't have the site online, but maybe in the next month or so. Right now I just need to get some cash. So here is the idea, you have a odd web job you need done, I will do it for $10/hr. No money is required until the job is completed, I am going to do these transactions of faith. The deal is I work cheap, but don't offer a promise of time. Basically I am looking for small 1-2 hour jobs I can work on here and there. They will probably get done within 2 days.

The type of jobs I can do is very wide, and hard to list all the odd stuff I have done.

I am proficient in:

I have worked wtih:
Visual Basic

Type of jobs I am looking to do:
Data entry
Script Installation
Site modifications
Script modifications
Small graphic jobs
Database transfers
Bulk data modification
Site Moves

I can do all sorts, so dont be afraid to contact me about your odd job.

ICQ: 407138352
Yahoo: csparks1982
email: sparks.craig [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks for taking the time to look at my thread, hope to hear from you soon.