•World-class facility with over 80,000 square feet of conditioned space
•Tier 1 bandwidth
•100 mbps switch port connections
•1000 mbps fiber or copper switch port connection available
•direct fiber connection from our switch to the telecom carriers
•secure co-location with 24x7 support
•constant 68-72 degree ambient temperature with multiple backup cooling
•locking cages
•Spacious 4 post locking cabinets or racks
•20, 40, 60 or more amp cabinets
•redundant power with full battery and UPS backup
•certified live floor loads of 150-200 pounds per square foot
•4 fiber vaults are located in the front and back of the building
•2 onsite meet-me rooms
•located 6/10ths of a mile from MAE West and the SBC RBOC switch
•network access points NAPs
•8 megawatts of power with rights to an additional 4 megawatts
•total of 5 megawatts of backup generator power, plus 8,000 gallons of diesel
storage able to supply the data center with power for up to three days at full load

WHT Special

Full Locking Cabinet 42U
Power 20 amps
Bandwidth 1 mbps
4 posts
$650 per month

1/2 Locking Cabinet 21U
Power 10 amps
Bandwidth 1 mbps
4 posts
$350 per month

1/4 Locking Cabinet 10U
Power 5 amps
Bandwidth 1 mbps
4 posts
$200 per month

Secure locking 137 sf Cage
(6) locking 4 post cabinets
(4) 20amp 120v power circuits
Bandwidth 5 mbps
$2600 per month

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