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    new hosting design :)

    check out or new hosting design template that we made for our hosting company what do you think ?

    it is a definate improvement over the old one. I wish i had a screen shot of that but i dont :/

    here it is
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    hi there.....
    the site is ok.......I like the layout.....its easy to navigate also.....


    1) the featured plans in the left bar (If you havent already planned to, make those links to their respective plans)

    2) reorganise the content in the main body area........maybe use two columns or something similar. CUrrently it looks unstructured, and the image of the guy just floating around doesnt look right.

    3) You have a lot of space in the body area, perhaps use some plan teasers, so that you can hit visitors with your products right away.....and also give a better chance for click thru's........

    4) Hosting plans page -> make the table easier to read....

    5) Host are us text in the header, consider using a more stylish font........


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    Looking good, but needs a few changes/fix ups:

    Spare the White Space! You need to use up more of the unused space around the layout.

    The column down the left needs fixed up. Its just plain and lacks style, might I suggest putting the headers; 'Features Plans' 'Control Panel Demo' and 'Support' as a picture file above the links.

    You need to space your main area out more, the text, picture and table in the middle need spread out around the layout more like your other pages.

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