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    Great Nintendo Forum forsale l PR3 l 1k Post and more!

    I am trying to sell my site I currently don't have enough time to develop it and bring it to a huge forum and things have come up.

    Website stats can be found here. I have alot of uniques coming in and top refers are from google. I have done alot of work in the seo department on the main site to get things going.

    Here is the screen caps of the refers and search engine stats.

    Here is a screen cap of the boards statistics. We have over 1k post and about 30 memebers. I pretty active community. Here is the screen shoot.

    I hear its pretty hard to get a good amount of income on the site from Contextual ads, so I would try CPA. But here is my success:

    Adsense Earnings found here. About $2.00 in a month.

    More Information
    I site itself is easy to run. The news runs on a php screen that all the post in the news forum is posted on the main page of the site. So just post there and they show up.

    What you get?:
    You get the domain, The site and database all transfered to your site, the psd's for the adbanners, and my help with everything.

    I know the site is running 2 contest and I plan to stay untill the finish up Along side with the winner and live up to my promises for the prizes.


    And I am looking for a BIN of $350 or best offer.

    PM or post with any questions.

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    BIN lowered to $250.

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    Lowered to $200.

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