How's it going everyone? I'm going against my own rule of not taking too many clients during the fall and winter because I am in need of some cash. Due to this I'm opening up my services to you. While most of you probably already know who I am, I'll explain for those that don't.

Quick Background:
I have been designing for 6 years, nearing on 7 in January. Design is a hobby in which I take the bulk of my freelance work during the summer. I generally take work only on a "on availability" schedule throughout the fall and winter. I have ran numerous successful websites, and currently run a designer and developer resource called Devlounge, which was designed and coded by myself.

Work Examples and Ethic:
I have a large extensive portfolio, which was condensed at the very beginning of the year to include only recent work from 2005 to current. All my work can be seen at my portfolio site, viewable here. A downloadable CV / Resume is also available there.

My work ethic is one beyond many of my age. Full sites are generally completed in 2 weeks or less, and are coded in valid XHTML & CSS. I work with you through the entire design process - not against you. I have received all good reviews from every one of my clients, who always come away happily satisfied with the service they receive.

Services include but are not limited too:
  1. - Web Design (Starting at $400)*
  2. - Graphic Design (Depends on work requested)
  3. - Template Slicing ( $50 for 1 page, +$30 for additional pages)*
  4. - Logo Design (Starting at $90, Unlimited Revisions)

*Due to me being really in need of cash, I'm hoping to take a full site design or template slicing over graphic and logo design.

Payment Methods and Pricing Options:
Payment is via paypal only, in which I am a verified user. If wanting a full site design, payment is made in the following order -

10% upon project discussion, agreement, and start up*
40% when mockup is completed as wanted and agreed upon.
50% upon final project completion (both design and code)
Following this the project will be handed over.

*This is a new payment scheme I set up because I have burned of late doing work for people who then bail after I completed a mockup.

Contact Information:
If you are interested in my services, please do not hesitate to pm me, email me at [email protected][dot]com, or talk to me on msn (see profile). Please note, do not ask me to pm you about my services. I work only with respected individuals, not those will not even go through the effort of getting in touch with me.

AJ +