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    Revecom Database Exporting


    I'm currently deciding between Revecom and 2Checkout.. I've used 2Checkout in the past and while they were good at the time, it seems like there are a growing number of complaints here about them. After looking over Revecom's website, I noticed that they offer "Database Exporting Tools" -- could someone who uses Revecom elaborate on that? What database formats can be exported? What info can be exported?

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    From the Revecom site:

    Data Export
    Data export into comma separated value (CSV) file.

    Explanation: The export data utility will create a comma separated value (CSV) file containing all records based on your specific build criteria. The comma separated value (CSV) file may be imported into Access or Excel.

    You can build as elaborate or as basic a csv file as you want, covering date ranges and including full client info and recurring information.



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