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    Servint Network Issues

    I have read quite a few negative feedback posts about Servint Network Issues as of late. Consensus is that customer service is top notch but their network is lacking a bit.

    Can any expert speak a bit about what kind of tier 1 or 2 providers that they are running on? What should I look for in a good VPS provider and how does Servint providrs stack up?

    Also, any recent VPS users from Servint please jump in about your site latency times. Althgouh my traceroutes are only 7-8 hops to, I am seeing >100ms times when it gets to their IP's. Should this be a concern for users who are visitng our website?

    Also, I can only manage to get 100KB/s downloads from their test page:

    Again, will this hinder users visitng our website?

    I am considering their middle tier VPS:

    $89 Monthly
    $0 Setup
    2 GB Burst RAM
    512 MB Guaranteed RAM
    20 GB Storage
    500 GB Monthly Transfer
    4 IP Addresses
    Unlimited Domains
    Unlimited User Accounts
    CentOS 4 Operating System
    cPanel and Plesk 8 Available

    based on the great customer supoport reviews about Servint but am a little worried about the negative network feedback, my traceroute & ping times as well as my max download speed. I am on the west coast of Canada and can download at 600KB/s from local servers. I am getting a consistent 4800mbps down and 480 mbps up from

    Newbie here and still learning. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try the from Washington, DC which would be pretty much an accurate comparison.

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    I have been using servint for 6 months now.. the latency that I am getting from Australia is pretty good..

    On my first 3 months of using servint. I had lots of issue with the Vps running load average of 4-5 which seems to be awkward due to the memory usage being less than 5% in total.

    for the past 2 months, I have noticed a very good performance from my vps server. Support is great and they have a couple of network maintenance last week.

    I still recommend them base on the price, network and a great support.

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    Moved to VPS forum.
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    Thanks for the replies. Hey en21, what kind of download speeds are you able to acieve (KB/s) when you download a 10 MB file?

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    servint which i am currenty not with, was the best i host i had. it is extremely rare that i say something like this about a host. average ticket response was a few minutes. reason i am not with them is that i sold my site.

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    I have a VPS with servint and few others with various providers. I must say that my servint one runs the best of all my current VPS with similar specs. For me, the network has appeared to be fine over the last few weeks.

    I just ran a trace to my server and am getting 54ms for my last few hops which is the norm for me. Avg ping is 55ms.

    During business hours, the network has been fine here, but I cannot comment outside of that completely as it is for business use and is quiet after 6pm. I am on quite a bit in the evenings though and have not had any hick-ups.

    I just started my uptime service today though after reading this to see what kind of results I receive and will post those up as well once I build up some time.

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