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    Sub Domain Maintenance question

    Hi, I just signed up with a host yesterday, I am able to access the site using the adddress but I cant access it my using Is that because the dns takes time? I dont have access to change any dns settings. Or is it because I need to make a sub domain called www.

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    This sounds like either a dns problem with the domain name provider or a mis configuration on the server you are being hosted on. First you should check the domain is correctly set up at your registrar then, if the problem is un-resolved, contact your host and they should be able to fix the problem.

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    Thansk for the reply, I had the site for several years so I dont believe it is that. They where doing the dns but I switched the dns settings over to the new hosting company. I will give it another day to see if it is ok or not. It almost appears that there are 2 different dns's settings. Is that possible?

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