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    Exclamation Plesk MySQL Install problems on Windows... Please HELP!

    my host installed plesk for windows for me on my VPS, its running fine, however when it installed MySQL they did not enter the username and password in Plesk so it can make and manage databases.... i have tried going to the control panel and modifying my plesk install (modifying the MySQL install) with the following:

    Detailed configuration > Server Machine > Multifunctional Database > Default install path > Decision Support > Enabled TCP/IP Networking, with default port > Standard Character Set > Install as a windows Service, start automatically >i enter my password > i push next to start the install

    it stops and gives me this error: The template configuration file cannot be found at c:\SWSoft\Plesk\MySQL\bin\my-template.cnf

    i even tried stopping the currently running MySQL processes, to no avail....

    what i want to know is: If i UNINSTALL MySQL entirely and then reinstall it on it's own (not the one bundled with plesk) will plesk lose its configuration data?

    thank you.

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    There are two MySQL's in plesk, one system database install and one user database install. Make sure you do NOT edit the system database.

    BTW look in: c:\swsoft\plesk\databases\mysql\data\my.ini for the config filde for user databases system, you can reset the password for it putting in the skip-grant-tables parameter in the server section then by setting the password for admin, login to plesk CP, go to Server, Databases, MySQL, click set admin as user and the password you set from the command line.

    However by default the plesk user/pass should be the same as the plesk login for the user DB install of MySQL

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    well i have the same problem with MS SQL. THe plesk is not recognizing the MS SQL server. Why is that so?

    any help?


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    on my host the MSSQL is not installed by default but either i or they can install it with no problems... first install it in windows, then u have to set it in the plesk control panel (logged in as admin) and click on server then database (or something very similar)

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    btw thank you stephen, i looked into my.ini and found the port number and used that setting and voila my databases work... thank you so much...

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    now my only problem is that: i need to change the port from 8306 to 3306, but do not want to screw up my plesk install.... i need port 3306 for my users that are not very technically enclined.... any help would be great... thanx

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