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    We want to setup a support forum on our support site, can anyone recommend a board which would be best for us to install?


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    My recommendation is to stay away from the free forums. Paid forums have many more advantages, and if you've got to use free forums, many people may question your financial situation.

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    I agree, if you want to look "good" use a paid forum system.

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    I dont mind paying for the system just wanna make sure I pay for the right one lol

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    vBulletin is considered the best forum, and just about everyone would get a fuzzy feeling if they see their host running it.

    It is a bit expensive and does have a SHEDLOAD of features though, that you might not need.
    But whatever you do, do not use phpbb.
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    From my experience, vBulletin is better mainly because it has many IPB mods bulit in.

    Btw, I only used IPB and vB.

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    Thanks for the help we've purchased a VB licence

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