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    Supermicro IPMI Issue

    We have a strange issue with one of our server's IPMI cards. The system temperature and both CPU temperatures read a constant 48C and never change. Also the fan speeds all read 1755 RPM and never change either. It has been like this since the server was setup a few weeks back.

    It seems almost like the card is not reading the data or relaying it properly. I just wanted to check if anyone else has had this type of problem before we presume there is something wrong with the card itself. Everything on the server itself is working fine and I have had a technician check there is good airflow.

    Any advice would be most appreciated

    - Chris

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    IPMI cards tend to have strange issues. It is possible that the temperature sensing via the IPMI card is conflicting with the BIOS sensing, if applicable. I seem to remember reading about this being an issue, and it being solved via the latest firmware. I'm referring only to SuperMicro though, am not familiar with IPMI from any other vendor. I'd run through the following steps:

    1) Flash the IPMI card with the latest firmware. If this is a SuperMicro card/MB I recommend contacting SuperMicro support first to ensure you have the latest and/or grab it from I think right now they are at 2.03 stable / 2.10 beta.
    2) If applicable, try to disable any sensing in the BIOS. The two may be fighting for control.
    3) All else fails, I'd RMA the card.


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