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    studentphotographer[.]com Opinions

    Well I launched it 4 months ago, but I got spammed the pieces by members on a rival forum so I gave up.

    Having left it for a bit, last night I started working on it again and I have got the forum up.

    What do you think?


    Ideas on getting members?

    Thanks for your input!
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    It needs a site to go with it...

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    hi, as of now, it is still a mostly empty forum... so difficult to think anything about it, it's a classic design, empty shell... the value of a forum lies in the members and their posts.

    as to how to attract members, well, it's always the same tough problem... probably you need to have a photo site to go with it, and your visitors could then go on to the forum. or, you could offer free stuff, like a course to sharpen a pic, or things of the kind.

    good luck with it

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    Great idea and the site looks like it could have some potential. A couple points:

    1) Waaay too much of the front page is just wasted space. I think you should get rid of that big block asking people to register, and also make the login form smaller.

    2) Every forum I clicked on was private. You cannot afford to make private forums when you first launch a community. Open it all up.

    3) The logo needs some work. The "IShoot...IMove...etc.." text strained my eyes. Also, I tried clicking on it, because the way the words were spaced out made it look like links.

    Overall, and interesting site, but there isn't much to see unless you make it all readable.

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