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    Need a host that can do:


    I am loooking for a hots that will edit the httpd.conf file on a domain.
    Also has over 10GB of space and where i can pay monthly.

    Anyone know of any hosts?

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    Hello Luke,

    There are many hosts that can provide the space requirements. I'm curious what sort of manipulations of the httpd conf you're interested in though?

    Maybe if you could provide some additional details it'll assist everyone reading your post. :-)

    - Rory

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    Well i am wanting to start up a free phpbb forum hosting and i want it to use sub-domains and for it to use sub-domains with the script i or the host needs to add * into that file.

    Also i forgot to say that i will need a few hundred sub-domains or unlimited sub-domains.

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    Hey Luke, what is your monthly budget?

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    You could do that in cPanel.

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    The requirements you're looking for can be met by almost any host running cpanel.
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    Well i do not have a monthly budget, but i want as much as i can for as little as can.

    Maybe a few gigs for $5 - $10 or something.

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    Actually, you would have to do it using WHM, not just cpanel... That does not mean you need a reseller account, I am sure your host will add a wildcard subdomain for you if you ask them to.

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    No, you all realy need is cPanel

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    10 GB for 10\month is very little money. If you need relibility then you should up it a bit or lower your disk space, else you are looking for a reseller/
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    if your just looking to install forums on sub domains e.g.

    in cpanel you can do this, find a host that offers fantastico to make it even better, you can install forums like phpbb in a click to a sub domain.
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    You need to up your budget, $10 per month for 10gb disk space is very low. You will not find a reliable host offering that much space for $10 per month.

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    Against of what other people said, you need to edit httpd.conf for wildcard dns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedito
    Against of what other people said, you need to edit httpd.conf for wildcard dns.
    I was just about to post something similar. Further, it sounds as if the OP wants to run ONE instance of his script for multiple domains/subdomains.

    You cannot do this with cPanel, without your host's help (as he originally asked for).

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireshark
    No, you all realy need is cPanel
    Yes, agreed it could, although there are script available on the market that allow a client to register and automatically create a forum of their own therefore making the system completely automated and not becoming a general free host. There are a few systems available to do this, both paid and free. You could probably find one or request information of one on free web hosting talk.

    If you are looking to start a free forum hosting web site you are most likely to require more than a standard shared hosting package, due to the server loads that database driven websites create. Because of this it would be a good idea to look for a host with a larger amount of bandwidth, and probably at a much higher price.

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    Oh ok thanks, i will take a look for a host on this forum.

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