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    URGENT I need a VPS a of a trusted company only for today

    Hello, I need one or two VPS (depending on the resources) at least before 3 hours from now. Is only for today so I don't wanna pay all the month. Does anyone know if a trusted company can give me this service as fast as I want?

    I need one IP with each VPS and mysql at least in one VPS. I need also at least 512 MB RAM.

    cpanel if it is possible

    Thanks in advance

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    Tough request. You only need it for one day and with cpanel?

    I assume a shared server won't do? Because you will have a tough time I think working out a plan with someone given that they will be concerned about bandwith usage, spam etc..

    good luck.
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    What use is a VPS for just one day?

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    I have a VPS now, I order a dedicated but is still not available. Today is a special day for the topic of my website and the demand is very high, the forum is closed since several hours ago in order to use less resources but the critical time is still in 3 hours.

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    Isn't there a company called 15minuteservers or something that has fast setup on servers? I know it isn't a VPS, but you can get it quickly...but I doubt anybody will give you an account for one day. VPSs and servers take time to setup.
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    15minuteservers is a NAC owned company and I remember they have some cheap celerons always ready within 15 minutes.

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    I sent to them an e-mail but I haven't receive any reply in more than 15min (only the autoresponse telling me the ticket)

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    see if someone in the wht chatroom marketplace will set you up.

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    I contacted you once through your site and emailed you but i didnt get the response.

    May i ask if i will get the response, about the email i sent you.


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    When was this? PM me the e-mail address and approximate date you e-mailed us so I can look for the e-mail.
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    I used to work as a house painter. One time we were painting a decrepit old hotel , which had been quoted on a "per-wall" basis. The guy asked us to paint only the dirty parts of the wall, figuring that he could probably get his whole hotel painted for the price of one wall, if we only painted the dirty parts. I see some similarities here.

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    Thanks for the information. I really appreciate your reply. and i hope i will be given a chance for a discount or any beta testing in future.


    Good way of telling him, but letsee if he can understand what are you conveying him

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