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    If the reseller registers a domain...

    ...are they the only ones that can renew the registration? Because I attempted to renew a domain I've had for years and tucows told me that I had to contact the reseller who originally registered it to renew.

    I'd like to be able to renew the domain directly. Especially since I no longer am doing business with the reseller that registered it.

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    if you dont have access to renew it do the following

    go to and do a WHOIS on the domain, if you are the domain administrator, then go to a domain registrar and select transfer domain, a email will be sent to the domain administrator asking is it ok to transfer the domain to another provider. Selecting yes will move the domain to the new provider.
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    Most likely you have to contact the reseller to unlock the domain for you.
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    thank you

    I appreciate your responses very much. That's a load off my mind. I'll feel a whole lot better knowing if this guy goes out of business, I don't go with him.

    Best regards...

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    ask the reseller to transfer the domain to you. that is what i did with mine when i took over control of the website myself.

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    I would never let a hosting company have any kind of registrar control over any of my domains. That is just asking for trouble.

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    Well, I was new to the internet and this person/company was hosting the site. I had no idea what was involved. I hope he/they don't give me any trouble about acquiring the domain. After all, it is in my name. If there is any trouble, is there any legal recourse?

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    Check with the hosting provider you registered the domain with TOS regarding domains. If the domain name whois is all in your information and there is no rules in the TOS regarding a transfer than you should be all set and there would be a strong case for legal action if indeed it was needed. I don't think you will have any trouble though.
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    I just posted a butt-load of info about this but the 15 minutes expired so I lost all that information. Now I have to do it again. This time I'll use Notepad.

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    All the links:


    ...point to my contact info. Otherwise, the link "Reseller Contact" points to him/them.
    However, the "Change Ownership of Domain" link leads to a page with some confusing choices (check one/both):

    Move to existing profile
    Move all domains associated with this profile
    Previously registered domain ________________.

    My problem is, I don't know where this page is going to lead me and I don't know what "profile" to provide it should it ask me. Really, the only thing that would change would be the reseller, but I don't know if I'm going to be expected to provide more info and also what choices to make above.

    The button to click once those choices are made is: "Change Ownership"

    ...kind of an ominous prospect since I don't know what I'm doing.

    Thanks for any help...
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    Well, I'm just informed from the reseller that the domain has to be registered through a company. I don't understand why I can't deal with the renewal directly. Especially in this field of business. There was a time when these companies' life expectancy was not something you could count on. I can't help wondering what I'll do if they DO go out of business.

    I think I'm too stupid to even think about becoming a reseller. I wonder... does chance ever favor the stupid?
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    I think I'm too stupid to even think about becoming a reseller. I wonder... does chance ever favor the stupid?
    LOL - if you are planning on getting into the hosting business, open your own registrar reseller account. Do it with something like enom (and many other like this) - where you can own your own account and setup accounts for your customers and freely push their domains into it. This way everyone controls their own domains and customers who want you to control their domains on their behalf, you will be able to.

    Alot of people say leaving the domain management upto the hosting provider is a bad choice - but, it really depends on the hosting provider - many good ones out there and a single point of contact is important for alot of people, especially those not technically savy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeblow
    Well, I'm just informed from the reseller that the domain has to be registered through a company. I don't understand why I can't deal with the renewal directly.
    Since your domain is registered via a Tucows reseller, you need to renew it via either a) another Tucows reseller or b) another ICANN-accredited registrar (or one of their resellers). So your "renewal" would actually be a "transfer". Make sure your domain is not "locked" though.
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