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    Shoutcast Server

    Does anyone know of any companies that provide Shoutcast servers - by this i mean like a Dedicated server itself not a shared one

    im finding it awfully hard to locate anything or anyone cos googling it results all in shared shoutcast hosting

    so im basically looking for a sole dedicated Shoutcast server anyone know who does t hat?

    also is it possible to run multiple stations on that server

    exampel i want to have like 3-4 stations running from one server like one for music,one for talk one for lectures etc is that possible?

    and finally is it possible do you know whether you can upload mp3 or audios on that server and leave the radio station runing without having to leave your pc on?


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    You could get a Dedicated Server and have someone install Shoutcast. Depending on the specs of the server, you could run 3-4 stations on it easily. As far as uploading mp3 or audio files to the server thats something you would have to ask the individual providers. I don't know of any that would allow you to do that since you don't own that music.
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    I think first of you should estimate number of listeners/viewers on your shoutcast server. Once you determine the number and the speed at which you want to stream it will give you rough idea of the bandwidth you required per month.

    And than try to look for the dedicated server which meets your requirement in terms of bandwidth to host shoutcast servers.
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    Here's a list of things you need to do..

    1) Rent a dedicated server with enough Bandwidth / Transfer for your streams.
    2) Install & configure sc_serv (SHOUTcast server).. Info on how to do this is at
    3) Upload any music you want played on the server.
    4) Install & configure sc_trans (A shoutcast streamer for Linux, BSD.. etc.)
    5) Create your playlists for sc_trans.

    You will need to find a way to disconnect sc_trans when your DJ's want to go on, this can be done either by the shoutcast admin page.. or by an eggdrop bot etc.

    It's quiet easy to setup if you have the time and patience.
    Any problems please feel free to post back here and i'll help as much as I can as I have lots of experience with this.

    Good Luck

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