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    Newbie cPanel hosting Question

    I am brand new to cPanel and to the idea of hosting other web sites on my server. I know how to set up things for a specific URL, but what if I have a friend who wants to host a small web page on my server, but doesn't have his own domain name? Is it possible to set up an account on cPanel so that their page is pn my domain, but just in a different dirctory, or would I use "subdomains?" What would you recommend for such an arrangement, or does cPanel require them to have their own domain name?


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    If your main domain lets say is on your cpanel server, you can just make a seperate account for for your friend on your server by creating a new account, you probably have to add an extra A Entry for the DNS to work correctly though.

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    Since you are brand new I thought I'd outline the steps a bit more clearly..

    1. Add user
    2. Add sub domain (
    3. Add FTP account for the sub domain
    4. Add A-Record for the sub domain to your box IP.

    BTW you can use the same IP for all websites, unless they are DNS servers or Email servers in which case a reverse is also wise, if not required.

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    What would you recommend for such an arrangement, or does cPanel require them to have their own domain name?
    CPanel does not have such a requirement. You can create a subdomain account in CPanel, and that should work without any problems.

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    From the sounds of it some have mis interpretted your post, presuming that you have cpanel, and no whm access, you can create web sites within your account, through both sub domains and domain names. To do this, with a domain name for example, you can point the domain name at your name servers (eg. and then in your cpanel account select addon domains, and for the redirect apply it to then in file manager create the folder within public_html, friendsdirectory, after that, if you want to create an ftp account for that folder so your friend can upload his files without having access to the rest of the account. If you want to do it for a subdomain just create the sub domain and redirect it to the folder, etc.

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