The last email was sent before I had meant it to be - I will use this email to conclude the information for you.
Im emailing you with regard to thread you have posting on the WHT Forum.*Well I have been toying with*the*idea of*selling my website*due to a change in my personal circumstances (nothing strange...*my partner has given birth to our*2nd child)*- and to ensure I am able to my family the due attention they deserve I need to*'light my load' so to speak.
The site Im looking to part with*is NetCritique* (
This site is fully custom coded - meaning you will not find the script that runs this site anywhere else, and this to me is a major factor in the site value. I have programmed the script from the ground up... this is infact the 2nd version of the script that I have coded, while the 1st was a good script - this 2nd is designed to be streamlined on a server & easy for a member to navigate around. Below I have bullet pointed some of the features.
· User registration system: When a user signs up they are sent an email asking them to verify their email address (to protect against spammers), this is done by following a link that is sent in the email. Once they have registered then they are automatically sent a Private Message to their new username from the Admin of the site welcoming them to the site.
· Communication: I have coded a basic forum and also a Private Message system into the script, these prove rather popular in allowing the members to build a rapport between them and give a sense of community.
· Reporting Sites/User: On each page that shows either the details of a website, or the details of a registered user - there is a button that allows other member to report this person/site to the admin & give a reason for doing so. This is then sent to a list accessible from the admin panel for the admin to delete the user/site.
· Site Listing: When a user signs up they are obviously able to submit their website as a listing for review, the are able to take a screenshot - which is then automatically resized to a thumbnail for the person reviewing to see. The owner of the listing is also able to delete and/or edit their listing at a future time.
· Points System: To encourage members to review other peoples listings there is a points system in place. For every review a member will get 'x' amount of points, as is the same when they actually submit their site as a listing. This allows for competitions in the future.
· Referral System: When a member signs up they are given the option to input who referred them to the site, if they place the name of a current member then that member will receive additional points and the number of referrals for that person adds up - again allowing for competitions for perhaps referring the most amount of people in a week/month?
They are the main factors of the script from a user’s point of view, but there is also an Admin Panel where you are able to administer the website - from here you are able to:
· Add a new blog entry. (the most recent appears on the front*page...*older ones are*still viewable though)
· Delete a web listing.
· Delete a user.
· View most recent reviews
· Add a new featured website (the site listing you see on the upper left of the page).
The design of the site is also custom done (although not by me...) I paid a talented freelancer ( to do it for me.
The site has a steady PR4.
In terms of traffic, the site receives a very good amount of traffic when you consider I have done no paid advertising, only a couple of link exchanges (exchanged with the sites you see in the 'site partners' list at the bottom left of the front-page - the site gets approx 200 uniques per week.
Last month was the busiest month of the site – I basically posted the site on a few forums and arranged some link exchanges. This month has dropped as expected as Ive not done anything in terms of advertising.
Income - Ive added Google Adsence ads to the site, I have tried to blend them in as much as possible so as not to distract visitors from the content. The income from the site is very low, (about $5 per month), however this is a community website, and much like a general forum there are very few ad clicks. The value in a site such as this is not the ad revenue... as im sure more money could be made actually selling ad space to this very much niche market (example... everyone on NetCritique has a website themselves, so design, SEO and hosting companies Im sure would be easy to sell ad space to.) A community is the most valuable asset online.
I had future plans for NetCritique that I planned on adding to add get more revenue from the site but never got around to implimenting them...

Charge for expert review – You could give members the option to have an expert review of their website.
Featured Site – You could use this space for advertising; charge either members or 3rd parties to have their site in this space.
Subscribed Members – You could add another section of the site that only members who have paid a subscription fee can access. Within this section you could offer templates, tools, tutorials, user image etc.

These we just 3 ideas I had planned to implement myself, with a little thought I’m sure you and your partner will be able to think of more.

- Looking for offers