today my primary server went out (that's used for my website, MySQL, DNS, mail etc) which is very critical stuff. While you can't 100% avoid downtimes, these sort of things are very important. (this is the 3rd time in the past 6 months has happened) I should probably switch away from this provider and get a VPS from someone more reliable, but their price and bandwidth they give me are a real pull)

This is especially bad for me becasuse customers who rent servers from me aren't given IP address, their given a hostname (ie instead of it would be which I use my own DNS server to resolve this). Luckily I have an IRC Channel and those who logged onto it were able to talk to either more or one of the other admins, in which we could give them the IP for their server this way (obviosuly since the server was down we couldnt give them any notice on the website to tell them what to do while this problem was happening)

(we give them hostnames instead of IP addresses so if their IP changes for whatever reason it won't be of any inconvenience to them becasue I could just update the DNS record)

Anyway the most IMPORTANT thing i want to accomplish is to have backup DNS servers that are all redunt (withhold the same records) EXCEPT for the record which would be used for my website. obviosuly it should go to my backup webserver.

my backup webserver is most importantly just there to withhold my web presence becasue I think it looks bad to have your website go offline. idealing i'd like to have a copy of my mysql database on my backup server as well (since it's used for my shopping cart system etc so people could still atleast browse through what packages I have etc) but i would probably disable anything on my backup website that would alter the mysql database (incase the backup mysql server isn't 100% syncronized with the primary one etc i fear losing integrity in my database data)

my mail server would be really nice to have also because I'd probably expect to people e-mailing me about the affects of the downtime is having on them). Whcih brings me to another question, if someone e-mails me while the mail server is down, will it be received once it goes back online? (i beleive smtp servers keep trying to send an email for a period of time 3-4 days until it decides to give up)

I'm not sure how hard it would be to do such a task, is there software that could do this? is this something you have to be a linux genius to figure out? I consider myself about an intermediate linux user. I can use linux easily without problems just I haven't used it long enough to expierence everything it has to offer.

BTW if this matters all of my servers i run are CentOS 4.x