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    Thumbs up - ManagePlus + A Sale!!

    The end of the year is just around the corner, and it is time to start gearing up for next years business development. Here at ServerSupportGuys we have taken the first step in getting you started, here is what weíve come up with:

    So you have servers, need management, plus end user support, and are on a limited budget? Well no problem at all!! For a limited time we are offering FREE end user support for signup of 10 or more servers. Thatís a $2000+/mo value entirely FREE!

    Again this is a limited time offer so be the first to collect on such a great deal! Check out our description of services below, and if high quantity server enrollment isnít something you are ready for, just look at the other plans we offer, pick which is best for you and signup today!!

    ďSo how do I get started if I have 10+ servers to signup?Ē Thatís easy, just shoot an email over to [email protected] and ask about our end user support sale and we will be happy to get you started. Its as simple as that!!

    Server Management Plans:

    Product URL:


    - Supporting all Major Control Panels + *nix & Windows Platforms
    - Pro Active 24x7x365 Service Monitoring & Response Services
    - Ease-of-use. Submit Tickets, Check Monitoring History, and Manage Billing from one login.
    - Security Vulnerability Audit and Risk Assessment Services
    - Multi-Point International Firm with 'Clean' Connections.
    - Secure Facility and Information Access Regulatory Standards in place.
    - Pre-Emptive Vulnerability Response & Patching
    - Automatic + Free Software Updates (3rd Party & Core OS)
    - Installation of Firewall System (SSG Custom or APF)
    - Installation of R-FX Tools (Upon Request)
    - Industry Leading Feature - System Load Threshold Monitoring + Reaction
    - 3rd Party Software Versions Monitoring & Response
    - On-Demand 24x7 Level I, II, and III Technical Support Services (Unlimited Requests)
    - Disaster Recovery Planning & Response
    - Industry Leading 5 Minute Response Time SLA
    - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
    - Optional End-User Support
    - Optional Remote Backup Services + Management

    How to get started:

    ManagePlus VPS Edition:
    $49.95 Per Month
    Order Now:

    $99.95 Per Month
    Order Now:

    $299.95 Per Month
    Order Now:

    Have Questions? Let us know today by emailing [email protected] or come visit us on LiveChat!
    - Comprehensive Server Management & End User Support
    - Now 100% U.S. Owned & Operated
    - Now offering instantly ready end-user support.

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