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    how to config directory owner ?

    hi to all..

    i've just moved to a new dedicated.. but i didn't get my backups via cPanel/WHM > Transfers section.. i got and upload them via only ssh.. so i've owner errors.. when i try to upload anything into the ftp it says :

    553-Can't open that file: Permission denied
    553 Rename/move failure: No such file or directory
    ERROR:> [10/22/2006 1:23:40 AM] Access denied.
    also it's owner is 0 .. and i moved files with root account.. how can i fix that problem ?

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    SSH in and type:

    cd /home/<USERNAME>/public_html

    chown <USERNAME>:<USERNAME> -R *

    Replace all instances of <USERNAME> with the actual username of the account.

    The chown command above will recursively change the owner of all files, directories, and sub-directories in the public_html folder to the username you specify.
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    Thanks a low HostRefugee-Vince ,, It's now OK

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