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    [need] reliable php programmer $xxx-$xxxx range

    I am looking for an experienced php programmer to develop a website that will be a shopping tool for purchasing textbooks. The basic jist of it I will have a database of courses with book #'s (ISBN) associated with it, and I'd like (if possible) to automatically generate a search for that # on a number of websites (like amazon,, etc) and then a link where they can purchase the book through our referral link.

    Anyway I will obviously go into more detail when I speak with you, just wanted to give a quick summary.

    I'd like someone with a few references and possibly a website up, as I have dealt with some unreliable programmers in the past.

    Feel free to email me at [email protected], PM me here or IM me at drworthless.


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    A mail was sent to your id..plz reply your comments.
    Kind Regards.

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