We are a team of media professionals who are setting up a new line of Web Generators using Flash. Our generators offer immediate, real time design feedback and are VERY EASY to use. The required comment code (html) is placed into a text object below, ready to be copied into any profile area, forum, blog or HTML enabled application.

Licensed on a per domain basis, our Generators link back to YOUR domain everywhere they are used (by your visitors). And since MySpace is currently defeating links from within Flash files, we have enlarged the "yourdomain.com" text via effect upon mouse-over. Each instance of your output is earmarked with your domain text and link, which is securely placed to protect against removal.

Our generators are self replicating, meaning that your users will place them for display FOR YOU, therefore creating a continual flow of new traffic to your site. This system works GREAT for AdSense sites or simply to drive traffic to your domain, and will pay for itself the first month you engage it.

We have dozens and dozen of additional generators in production and on the way. Likely our prices will increase as our library grows and we focus on turnkey systems rather than per component offerings. At some point in the future, our components will ONLY be available as part of entire turnkey site offerings and not as individual generators.

Those interested should visit our generator page for a test drive.